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High Power High Density Pulse Capacitor

Polypropylene Film Capacitor
High Density Capacitor
High power capacitor
High power pulse capacitor
High density pulse capacitor
High Voltage Capacitor
Power Capacitor
Pulse Capacitor
High Efficiency Capacitor
Pulse capacitor
Polypropylene Film Capacitor
Polypropylene Capacitor
Film Capacitor
Organic Film Capacitor
Dry Sealed Structure Power Capacitor
Capacitor for High Voltage Generator
Capacitor for High Pulse Power Supply
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1.Capacitance range 0.01μF~3μF, discharge current: 10kA~100kA, the voltage can up to 120kV.
2.Use imported or domestic metallized film.
3.Dry-sealed structure, excellent moisture resistance, safe and reliable.
4.Reliable performance and good self-healing property.
5.High pulse charge and discharge current, long service life time.
6.Remark: the installation, capacitance, service life, energy density, dimensions are customizable.
1.Used for pulse energy storage power system of high power device,such as Pulse discharge crusher, oil drilling, Wing tail deicing.
2.High voltage impact generator.
3.Equipment with high efficiency intense current, short-duration pulse, transient physical process device.
4.Equipment on extreme conditions. strong magnetic field, high-energy accelerator.
Capacitance(CN)0.01μF~3μFTest Voltage terminal to terminal1.2 UR ~1.3 UR
Capacitance Tolerance0~+5%Test Voltage terminal to case1.2 UR ~1.3 UR
Rated Voltage(UR)10kVDC~100kVDCReference StandardJB/T 8168-1999
Operating Temperature-20℃~+55℃ShellInsulated enclosure
TerminalBolt and nutEncapsulationDry-sealed structure, epoxy sealing
Max Altitude2000mFlame ResistanceUL94V-0
Remark: The influence of the altitude on the convection cooling and external insulation should be considered if the altitude is above 2000m.
ItemUn(kV)Cs(μF)Ic(kA)Service Life (△C/C≤5%)Dimensions(mm)
Remark: All parameters can be customized