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Capacitor for Discharge Ignition System
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1.Capacitance range: 0.01μF~5μF. Discharge current: 10kA~40kA, voltage ≤30kV.
2.Use imported or domestic metallized film
3.Metallic, non-metallic package, non-inductive winding.
4.Reliable performance and good self-healing property.
5.Dry-sealed structure, excellent moisture resistance, safe and reliable.
6.Remark: the installation, capacitance, service life, energy density, dimensions are customizable.
1.Used for device switch triggering system.
2.Guided missile launcher,Locomotive ignition starting device.
3.Electric pulse ignitor.
5.High speed forwarding engine, small engine.
6.Ignition Capacitor for Turbo- powered flight vehicle.
7.Ignition system for autocycle, weeding machine, electric saw.
Capacitance(CN)≤5µFRated Voltage≤30Kv
Loss Angle tgσ≤0.002(100Hz)Withstand Voltage1.5UR
Rated Voltage(UR)3.5kVDC~35kVDCReference StandardJB/T 8168-1999
Rated Currentdv/dt ≥8V/msInsulation resistancedv/dt ≥12V/μs
Encapsulation Dry type, filled with epoxyShellAluminum and plastic shell
Max Altitude2000mFlame ResistanceUL94V-0
PermissibilityS2Service life time10000 h
Discharge current10kA~40kA
Remark: The influence of the altitude on the convection cooling and external insulation should be considered if the altitude is above 2000m.
ItemUn(kV)Cs(μF)Ic(kA) Life (△C/C≤5%)
Remark: All parameters can be customized